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Transport advice

General considerations:

  • Have the horse's passport ready to travel. Your horse cannot be collected without one. A photocopy is not acceptable.
  • If you think that your horse may be difficult to load - tell your transporter at time of booking - so that they can allow extra time. This is very important if your horse is travelling on a shared load - because it may affect other customers.
  • Make sure that the transporter has the full collection and delivery address. Let them know if there may be difficulty  for access for a large lorry - are there any low bridges, lorry weight restrictions, single track roads.
  • If you want to send tack/rugs etc. with your horse, check with your transporter how much they will take.  Some transporters will charge extra.
    Your horse should be insured for transport. Check that your policy covers this. Horses travel at your own risk. If your horse is not insured, you must inform the transport company. Most companies will arrange a short term cover for you if you need it. However this may not cover you in the case of your horse causing damage to a person or property
  • Some transport companies supply boots, tail guards etc. if requested.
  • For the horse, a leather headcollar is preferable (as these will break under pressure)

For International Transport:

As well as the points outlined above, if your horse is travelling to another country, there are further considerations.

  • Allow sufficient time to have necessary paperwork done. For registered horses travelling between UK, Ireland and France, only an Export Licence is required, however for all other countries health papers will also be needed.
  • If the animal is under 148cms, a minimum valuation cert will also be required in order to obtain an Export Licence.
  • Be flexible on timings when horses are travelling to/from abroad. Remember that drivers have to abide by legal driving hours, ferries can be delayed, sea conditions may not be favourable for horses, there may be long road delays.

documentation required for inter European transport


  • The only documentation required is the horse's passport

For International Transport:

If your horse is travelling to another country, there are further requirements:.

  • Horse passport
  • If travelling between Ireland/UK/France horse will require a UK export license if travelling out through a UK port
  • For travel to any other part of Europe, a Health Certificate (TRACES) is required as well as the Export License
  • For animals under 148 cms, a minimum valuation certificate is required
  • Horses travelling to Europe from Ireland require a Health Cert and Export Licence from the Dept of Agriculture. They also must have a UK Export License if travelling out through a UK port.

Your transporter will usually arrange the documentation for you.

Remember that it normally takes 7 days to arrange export paperwork. Please consider this when booking your transport.