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This is a completely free service for you to compare horse transport quotes and services, and has been in full operation since early 2007.  In that period of time we have received on average 2,000 quote requests annually . This is a quote finding service, Find Horse Transport does not provide actual transport and we have no association with transport companies listed on the site. When you book a transport service, the contract is between you and the service provider.
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Featured Transport Companies

  • express equine europe
    Service: National and International
  • Animal Transporter T2 Authorisation
  • 2, 4 and 10 horse lorries
  • Travels to any European Destination
  • Express Service (2 horse Theault ) travels door to
  • Frequent trips to Spain and Portugal

Contact: +353 (0)86 213 8008


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Our Exoress Service:

A special service for people who want horses moved from collection point to delivery point with NO delays and NO unnecessary mileage.  Your horse does not have to travel on a shared load therefore travels the shortest possible distance.

We travel regularly to UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal.

  • BHS Quaified staff
  • All documentation arranged.
  • DEFRA Type 2 approval

We also offer transport on a shared load basis




B & S Horse Transport

Middle Upcott Farm, Brushford, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9RS

  • Caring and a reliable professional service always given.
  • I have been involved with horses for the past 40 years I have Anglo Arab horses.I have been a horse transporter for some 20 years. My priority is for all horses and ponies that are transported have a stress free and safe journey.

Contact: Telephone: 01398 323128 - Mobile: 07885 185553 - Fax: 01398 323128


Service Type: National



julie magnus racehorse transport

Julie Magnus Racehorse Transport   Upwood,Huntingdon, Cambs PE26 2PS

julie magnus racehorse transport lorry


  • Member of Racehorse Transporters Association,
  • Trade Member of BHS, Member of Federation of Small Businesses
  • Luxury professional service – no shared loads.
  • Door to door transport. From shires to shetlands, stallions, mares and foals.
  • Fully licenced and insured. DEFRA approved. (T2 Authorisation)
  • CCTV Satellite Navigation



Contact: 07711 192967 (Mobile) Fax: 01487 773002



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Here at JMRT, a horse transport hire company, our aim is to get your horse safely and securely in a stress free manner to a destination of your choice. Whether you're looking to transport the family pony to the vets or a local show, or your million pound show/racehorse, then, as an established horse transportation company, we can promise to do it for you. Distance is no object, local or national, we can cater for all in one of our Lambourn Oakley Super Six Boxes. We can also offer international horse transport.

To this end, all our drivers are renowned horse owners themselves, having competed and won at both County and National level. Our drivers have a wide range of horse related experience, ranging from working in equine veterinary practices; racing yards; hunting yards; Newmarket studs; handling on a daily basis stallions, mares and foals, and gaining experience in equine transport for this company whilst driving for other Newmarket Racehorse Transporters.


The Horse Taxi

Kidderminster,Worcestershire  DY140QX

  • DEFRA approved
  • New coach built conversion takes two 17.2 horses, rear facing with a very low ramp
  • 24 hour emergency breakdown cover, satellite navigation
  • Safety features include optional grills, full partition
  • Competent & caring horse owning driver, experienced with handling youngsters and stallions
  • Mares & foals to stud, veterinary referrals, competitions, clinics, moving yards etc.
  • Protective travel equipment available if required  
  • Competitive affordable rates

Contact: Belinda Plunkett
Telephone numbers: 07823 882664



Marshalls Horse Transportmarshalls horsebox

We are a new transport company based in Pembrokeshire, but will travel to anywhere in the country. I hold a BHSII so I understand how to take the best care of your horse. We operate two 2 horse lorries, so we are usually able to fulfil travel needs at very short notice. Both lorries have plenty of space to carry tack and rugs so are ideal if you need to book us for shows or other outings.

No distance too short or too long.







    marshalls lorry
  • We have a rear facing  Oakley SuperSport 3.5T 2 horse lorry and a 4.5T lorry which will carry 2 horses
  • Ventilated horse area
  • Padded partitions
  • Fully approved T1
  • Full national coverage
  • Excellent rates
  • Experienced handlers, we pride ourselves on our service

Website coming soon



  • What information do we know about our transport companies?
  • Understanding the legislation regarding animal transport

Our transport companies have provided us with:

  • EU Animal Transporter Approval [either T1 or T2]
  • Operator Licence No. (lorries under 3.5T do not require an Operator's Licence).
  • CET/ACET/ Certificate of Competence (Ireland).

Transport companies must carry their authorisations at all times, and should show you these on request.

In order to legally operate an animal transport business, a transport company must meet the following requirements:

arrowEU Animal Transporter Approval

This is provided by the regulatory authority in the country where the company is registered eg. in the UK approval is by DEFRA, in Ireland approval is by the DOA.n and in other EU countries the approval will come from their regulatory authority. There are two types of approval:

  • T1 Authorisation — where horses are transported on journeys less than 8 hours in duration

  • T2 Authorisation, where horses are transported on long journeys (in excess of 8 hours].  

arrowVehicle Approval (required with T2 Authorisation

 Vehicles used for the transport of animals on long journeys must be inspected and approved.  The lorry will carry a plate to show that it has been approved.

arrowCET / ACET / Certificate of Competence

This must be held by either the attendant or the driver. There must be one certified person travelling with the lorry.
A CET covers transport over 65 kms but not exceeding 8 hours (short journey)
An ACET covers over 8 hours (long journey).  

arrowOperator Licence (lorries under 3.5T do not require an Operator's Licence).


What are your responsibilities?

arrowHorse Passport

You must ensure that your horse has a passport. It is illegal for your horse to travel without one. Your transporter will not take your horse without one - but you may be charged if a transporter arrives to collect your horse and then finds that there is no passport.

arrowYour horse is insured for travel. Although your transport company must hold the relevant legalinsurances, you are responsible for insuring your horse for travel.

If your horse is travelling to another country, check with your insurance company that cover is in place for that.

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Until recently, Find Horse Transport also provided a completely free service to all the transport companies on our register. Due to the fact that the system was abused, we have had to now incorporate a monthly charge - however the first month is entirely free so you can see if it works for you.

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